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Vendors in North Delhi Get ‘Smart Carts’ with GPS

The NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) is all set to release GPS-enabled smart cards for street vendors to keep track of the licensed vendors and to facilitate the hawking zones in North Delhi.

To prevent unlicensed vendors in the city, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation has decided to open up an online application form for the street vendors. The vendors who wish to be licensed need to register themselves online by paying a one-time registration fee.

After the registration process is done, vendors are issued smart cards on their names, vending zone and their photograph. The vending zone details include information about where the vendors can operate their business and the type of business they have been registered for. These cards ensure that the vendors are using the space for themselves, without renting it out.

Once the cards are issued to the vendors, they would be signed up for common handcarts, where they can invest and get an extra boost for their business. The vendors would no longer be seen as street vendors, but they would be recognized as owners of shops on wheels, stated Mr. Kataria, the chairperson of the civic body.

To financially support the vendors, the civic body has decided to bear the expenses of the cart and provide the vendors loans at low rates of interest. Mukesh Goel, the leader of Congress party questioned how the civic body would bear the expense of the cart when it doesn’t have the money to pay its staff properly.

Mr. Goel said that the Government is not having proper funds to take care of the basic works but it is dreaming of making high-end projects possible. When the government is having so much money, why is it not spending on the sanitation work, he quizzed.

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