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Tremors felt in Delhi-NCR as Earthquake of Magnitude 5.5 Shook Uttrakhand

There is nothing scary than experiencing death itself. Earthquakes are exclusively intimidating and scare people. Recently, on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, in Delhi & NCR, people felt tremors. They felt these deadly shocks around 8:45 pm. These shocks have unfurled a wave of terror amidst Delhi citizens.

In Uttrakhand, an earthquake of a moderate level has been felt by people residing there, whereas in Delhi the shocks lasted for a few seconds. In Uttrakhand, the magnitude of 5.5 was felt as per the scale reported by the center for Seismology. The information regarding this earthquake had been informed by an official of India Meteorological Department (IMD) of this center.

According to IMD, in Uttrakhand, the vibrations of moderate level got initiated at 30 kilometers depth from Rudraprayag district and that affected the Delhi NCR too. At 121 km on the east side of Dehradun, Uttrakhand, the center of earthquake activity got located as per the report shared by EMSC ( European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre) earlier in the statement by IMD. The magnitude of these tremors were 3.3. So, this was the second time that residents of Uttrakhand felt the vibrations of an earthquake in their area, within the time span of just 24 hours. Uttrakhand is a region of the Himalayas, which falls under a seismic zone. So, the chances  for loss of life is more, if frequent earthquakes happens.

In the various parts of India, tremors were felt on Wednesday. But the good news is, no one lost their life and there was no damage to property. As per the reports, everyone is safe, but the terror is still deep rooted in the minds of people.

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