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Supreme Court Ban on Crackers Goes Up in Smoke This Diwali

Despite the ban on crackers by Supreme Court, crackers were burst in Delhi and the National Capital Region. The region woke up to a blanket of smog early in the morning. Though Supreme Court has banned the sale of fireworks, there were online sales, which the court had failed to consider. This Diwali incident showed that the addiction of Delhites towards Diwali cannot be stopped by putting a mere ban on fire crackers.

The statistics of the pollution monitoring stations in the National Capital Region and Delhi glowed red, indicating poor quality of air as the PM2.5 and PM10 levels in the Delhi air have risen from 7 pm Thursday. The Particulate Matter has crossed the limit by 15 times, which is really a danger signal.

Already, Delhi Pollution Committee has recorded the air in Delhi under “Severely Polluted” category. Crackers aren’t the only reason for the high pollution levels. Industries and vehicular pollution also contribute to these high levels of pollution in the city.

Poor quality air index means that the people residing in the region have high chances of being affected by respiratory illness on exposure to such air for a longer period.

The Supreme Court has appointed a special team for Environment Pollution Control to enforce GRAP (Graded Response Action Plan) to keep a check on increasing pollution in Delhi.

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