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Six Amazing Lounges in Delhi That are Popular Among the Celebrities 

The celebrities are often very busy, but they are also the ones who like to dine out a lot. Call it their professional need or preference they can often be spotted at some upscale lounges or restaurants. Celebrities are actually elusive people who can mostly be spotted on by paparazzi. If you really want to click one yourself then these lounges are the best places to find them. Let us see some amazing lounges in the national capital of India where the probability of finding them is high.

  1.    Raftaar: One of the most happening lounges in Delhi is Raftaar Punjabi Bagh. Two floors are exclusively for people to stay and eat, while the third has a kitchen and dance floor. There is also the option of sitting by the pool side on the fourth floor, but currently, due to some legal restrictions, it is closed. As you enter it, there are huge sofas and tables that give a different kind of vibe making you feel happy and special. Overall, it is a very nice experience as the place has many winning factors.

  1.    JW Lounge: This five-star property in the capital city is nothing short of an indulgence of luxury. The outdoor sitting arrangement is very beautiful, relaxing and comfortable. The lounge has a modern décor, which is refreshing and very different from the usual interiors that you find in fancy lounges. A place worthy to visit in every sense.

  1.    Aqua – The Park: Do you want to throw a beach party right in the centre of the concrete jungle in CP? Then this is the place. It’s not meant for big gangs, but the place is perfect for throwing a small pool party. It is one place that has awesome view and ambience. You will love the vibes that reflect from this place wanting you to go back again and again. Though it’s a bit expensive, celebrities don’t care. You should definitely visit it for an awesome experience.

  1.    S Bar-GK1: Earlier known as Shalom, this S Bar is the most happening place in GK 1. It is the preferred destination for corporates and youngsters alike. They serve awesome dishes from Lebanese and Oriental to Middle Eastern and Moroccan cuisines along with the normal cuisines. The ambience of the place is fascinating and lively with vibrant colours. The seating near the bar section is luxurious and comfortable. They play some soothing nice music that makes you enjoy the varied ranges of cocktails even more.

  1.   I-Kandy-Le Meridian: The moment you enter the place, the pink lights put you to party mode. At I-Kandy, they line up the famous international DJs that make you shake your body to their beats. It’s the perfect place for sundowners. There is nothing that you can complain of, including the overall ambience, the pool side area, great choice of food and beverages and warm and professional staff. No doubt the place is high on the celebrity preference list!

  1. Agni-The Park: This lounge bar, throbbing right at the centre of the city at CP, is famous for its hospitality nights on Monday. Agni, as the name suggests, lives up to its name and you will find many big and famous enjoying their big nights here. Their unabashed Bollywood playlist is no doubt a big draw. Their flaming shots, keeping in spirit with the name of the place, are again a big hit. Nice ambience, fantastic music, mouth-watering veg and non-veg dishes, drinks and service everything is up to the mark.

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