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India Unveils ‘Anti-Smog Gun.’

Recently we have seen the effects of Smog in an International Cricket Match and that was the eye opener for the city. India on Wednesday has unveiled a new weapon against the current situation of air pollution. It is called an “anti-smog gun.” It is believed that it will certainly clear the skies according to the authorities. According to the environmentalists, it is considered to be aBand-Aid solution.

The cannon’s Indian manufacturers said that the fine droplets of water that it ejects at a very high speed can flush out deadly airborne pollutants present in the capital city.

The giant mister canon is shaped like a hair dryer and perfectly mounted on a flatbed truck. It was tested in AnandVihar, an area of Delhi’s east bordering. It is also a very popular industrial zone that often boasts about its dirtiest air.

The US embassy website showed that the concentrations of the smallest & the most harmful particles known as PM2.5 at AnandVihar area hit 380 which is more than 15 times the WHO’s safe maximum on Wednesday. The cannon is designed to combat dust on the mining and construction sites. It would cost around $31,000, but government officials are ready to open the check book.

“If this canon proves to be successful, then we will also roll these out on capital’s streets as soon as possible,” Imran, Delhi’s environment minister, told AFP in AnandVihar while the cannon spurted mist under hazy skies.

Manufacturer Cloud Tech stated that it could blast up to 100 liters of water droplets per minute into the skies which will help in clearing 95 percent of airborne pollutants.

The crisis was so serious in the capital city in November that doctors declared a public health emergency situation that led to school’s shutting down across the capital. Cloud Tech admitted that one or two cannons would do little if we have to combat the city’s notorious air pollution properly. They suggested that we would at least need 30 to 40 canons if we want to clear the pollution in all the major areas of the city.

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