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A Great Relief for Home Buyers As Alok Tandon Is Here to Resolve Their Issues

Home Buyer

First of all, congratulations to MrAlokTandon, the new chairman and chief executive officer of Noida for taking charge here on Saturday! He will also be taking the responsibilities as Managing Director of Noida in the Metro Rail Corporation division too.

After deployment,Mr Tandon said that he will be emphasizing more to resolve the issues between homebuyers and real estate builders because this is one of the biggest problems in Noida as of now.

He also said that he will be working on generating more employment opportunities for the youths by developing the industrial sector. He added that transparent work culture will be followed henceforth and thus peoples’ problems will be solved on priority.

Home Buyer

Mr Tandon also confirmed that builder-buyer deadlock issues will be solved as soon as possible.In fact, a three-member committee of ministers are scheduled to visit the sites by 14th-15th September and the results will be disclosed very soon on the same.

It seems like Mr Tandon is too serious about his job because he organized a meeting and met with all CEOs and HODs from the departments of institutional, industrial, commercial, residential and group housing in which he asked them to prepare a list of all related issues, which will be worked on with immediate effect.

According to a report by an official, Mr Tandon confirmed that he will create better environment for setting up new industries and will provide good scope for the businessmen to prosper.

His agenda also includes municipal services, solid waste management, parking, and traffic management matters. That will be taken care of for the betterment of the society.

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