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Flights Got Delayed and Cancelled In New Year

It seems New Year in India took off well, but flights didn’t. Because of foggy weather, a lot of passengers had to face problems as hundreds of flights got delayed and more than a dozen got cancelled.

Things became tense at the Delhi Airport as passengers were seen arguing with the airline staff. Only after 11 AM flights got some momentum and started taking off.

Delhi woke up to a thick, dense fog on Monday. It was the first day of the year and hundreds of passengers found themselves stranded at the airport for several hours. This all happened due to less visibility at the runway. Not only aviation but Train services in the capital were also severely hit. This could be seen in other parts of North India as well.

All Domestic & International flights from the airport were put on hold and they started taking off around 11 when the weather cleared up a little. Almost 300 flights were delayed and 20 got cancelled due to the poor visibility.

Most of these flights were domestic. People started running for the staircases, escalators and elevators as soon as the boarding announcement started.

At T1, the waiting hall and area beside boarding gate were packed with the people sitting on the floor and on the staircases waiting for some sort of word for their delayed flights. There was no clear information conveyed by the staff.

Departures needs a visibility of at least 125 metres, while airplanes can land at a visibility below 50 metres.

There were around 56 trains heading towards the capital that got late, and about 20 got rescheduled. 15 have been cancelled as well. A lot of people had to face problems due to these issues.

Airport officials said that their hands were tied as the weather conditions were not good. Flights got delayed just to ensure the safety and security of the passengers.

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