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Flights get Delayed at IGI due to Fog

Fog in the capital city again disrupted the regular flight schedule at the Indira Gandhi Airport today. Two flights got cancelled and more than 30 others got delayed.

Though visibility on the track was a lot better than the earlier day, however, the runway visual range was less than the minimum requirement for take-offs and landings.

There were around 24 domestic and 12 international flights that were delayed. The officials said that two domestic flights also got cancelled.

Poor visibility in the atmosphere also disrupted train services. A total of 20 trains got cancelled and 59 delayed due to foggy weather. 13 trains from Delhi to other parts of India were also rescheduled, officials said.

The foggy weather started descending at the Delhi Airport around 10 p.m yesterday, but the track visibility was fine and flight regulations were not affected then.

But later on, the situation got deteriorated around 11.21 p.m. when visibility dropped to 150 metres on the third runway. However, the visibility was around 700 metres on the main runway and, therefore, flight operations were not disrupted with any problem, the sources said.

The foggy weather became denser around 12 a.m., when the visibility on the main runway also dropped to 50 metres. This is not the first time that people have to face such problems because of foggy weather.

According to the weather forecast, things might get worse in upcoming days. So, if you are travelling from Delhi to other parts of India, then you have to keep in mind that you can probably face the same problem.

This is not just happening in Delhi, a lot of flight cancellations due to fog are taking place in US as well. If you want to keep yourself updated with world news, don’t forget to bookmark (Ctrl+D) our website and keep watching the latest updates.

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