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Delhi to Be More Secure with 600 Police Women on Motorbikes Equipped with Cameras and Gun

Finally Delhi can be described as India’s safest place. Yes, we will let you know the reason behind the statement. It was officially declared that a new squad of 600 policewomen will be taking the responsibility of the citizens especially on the streets.

As per the latest news these trained policewomen will look after the city on motorbikes, equipped with 9 mm pistol, pepper sprays along with body cameras while the pillion will carry a weapon somewhat like AK-47 rifle. The squad is named as “The Raftaar” which means “Speed”.

According to Delhi police spokesman Mr.Dependra Pathak, this is a robust street criminal containment strategy which will definitely help in controlling street violence to a great extent.

In order to keep safety at its top most level, especially designed helmets with ear-pieces will be given to the riders as well as to the pillion during their working hours.

According to the last month poll conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation, it was found that Delhi is one of the most unsafe places for females along with Brazil’s Sao Paulo. In short, the rating of sex crime in India especially in Delhi is increasing at a drastic speed.

As per the police data, violence against women including sex, kidnapping and assault is almost the double as compared to the reports of 2012.

Violence against women especially sex attacks has moved upward since the gang-rape that took place inside a bus in the year 2012. In order to control these activities Indian authorities have come up with many measures such as strict punishment, 24-hour women’s helpline, fast-track courts for rape cases along with funding centres for victims.

In spite of all these steps, recently Human Rights Watch (HRW) found that India’s criminal justice system is not that tough to control the crimes.

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