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Delhi Metro Expansion Unlikely to Be Funded by Japan

The capital city of India, Delhi is in its next phase of development. Yes, we are talking about Delhi Metro expansion. Very soon, Delhi will be having a metro network, which is going to be bigger than that of Tokyo.

According to a senior official of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, they are no more interested to invest money on metro projects in India.

Within few months, Delhi Metro’s Phase-III project will be launched and it is going to cover around 330km of metro network. On the other hand, Tokyo’s metro line is 195km in length, which is very less as compared to India.

According to the JICA official person, “They have an annual limit for funds and there should be a good reason behind each funding.

The official also added, “During the 1990s when the Delhi Metro was began the technology was new and the process was unique so support was required but now Japan is not that much interested in metro projects. And that is the reason still Mumbai and Chennai metro extension is under discussion.

In India, at present, nine cities have a metro network and very soon Nawabo Ki Sehar ‘Lucknow’ will be added to the list.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath too has proposed for UP Metro Rail Corporation to link major cities like Agra, Kanpur, Allahabad, and Varanasi.

At the other end, PM Modi announced last year that 50 cities of India are ready for Metro communication. In fact, most of these metro projects are financially helped by Japan.

According to the calculation, Japanese shares in terms of percentage were around 60% in Phase-I, which came down to 48.5% in the ongoing Phase-III project.

Anuj Dayal, a Delhi Metro spokesperson recently informed that a 104 Km long Phase-IV project is yet to be approved by the Ministry of Urban Development. Hence, the funding call will be announced after completion of approval.

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