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City’s Black Spots will go away in Next 90 Days

It seems that Delhi gov is planning something big for the city to make it more vibrant and safe. According to Delhi government, in the next three months, the state government will free the city from all ‘black spots’ which lead to fatal accidents.

Following the first meeting that happened a few weeks back at the 21member State Road Safety Council, the transport minister said, “All black spots in the city will be identified and removed in two-three months.” According to the stats, Black spots are identified on stretches that cause more than three fatal accidents in its radius in a year. This council, reconstituted four months back is headed by Gahlot.

In 2015, 141 areas in the city were identified as black spots. Few of them were more accident prone like Shastri Park, Kashmere Gate, Punjabi Bagh, Rajokri, Madhuban Chowk and PeeragarhiChowk.

The council will soon set up a committee with the government officials of the transportation department, traffic police, and transport experts. The expert committee will scientifically investigate all the possibilities of each fatal accident. They will also act as a coordinating medium on behalf of the council and try to hold meetings on a regular basis.

Gahlot further asserted that steps would be taken to prevent accidents in the city. Sub-committees will be formed with experts to come up with more suggestions on road safety.

A regular safety audit of all the roads in the city will be carried out with the support of transport experts, and other organisations will also be roped in. The road safety committees in the city will be asked to coordinate with all agencies to share data regarding accidents. These efforts would certainly make Delhi a better place.

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