All You Need to Know About Fiverr


What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online market place where you can order online services for a Fiverr, yes $5. As a customer you can use all kinds of services for $5. As a seller you can set up a Fiverr gig and offer your service and expertise. Common services are graphics and design work, sounds like a jingle or voice over, videos, advertising and more.

Fiverr is easy to use. You go to their website and type in what you are looking for. Let`s say we are looking for a logo. Just type in logo and you will have thousands of logo designers to choose from…

You can use the sidebar to narrow down your search by delivery time, logo type, stile, file format, seller level and more.

If you stick with the top rated sellers that offer what you are looking for,  you will most likely get a great experience.

There`s so much more on Fiverr than logos though…

What Kind of Services Does Fiverr Offer?

There are many different categories offered at Fiverr. The main ones are:

  • Graphics & Design – logos, illustrations, book covers, flyers, banner ads, social media and infographics.
  • Online Marketing – research, analytics, SEO, social marketing, traffic and reviews.
  • Writing and Translation – proofreading, press release and blog posts.
  • Video & Animation – editing, intros, commercial and testimonials.
  • Music & Audio – jingles, voice over, sound effects and song writers.
  • Programming and Tech – databases, WordPress, apps and eCommerce.
  • Advertising – flyers, hold signs, radio and banner.
  • Business – business plans, virtual assistant, branding and consulting.

Why Should You Use Fiverr?

Great price – you can`t beat $5 for these services. Get a logo for $5, get a short video or voice over for $5… I have not seen another market place like this with these prices.

Lots of value – there`s tons of value in these services. Things that might take you days to do can be done by a ”professional” with ease. Great value that will not leave you broke.

Helpful staff – if you ever do run into any problems, Fiverr does have a great staff that deals with the issue. On a couple of occasions I had to contact them because the gig delivered was just not as promised. The Fiverr staff got right on it and I got my money back.

Multiple choices for selection – It helps to create websites that offer multiple services on a single platform. All these different services are normally offered at almost the same cost, making it more affordable to choose.

Payment security – It provides a secure online payment gateway. Although the host may charge a nominal fee, the balance payment is transferred to the seller’s bank account after deduction of the service charges.

This is their service and it`s built on trust between the buyer and seller. If that trust is broken it seem like the Fiverr crew priorities to put that back in order, quickly.


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