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Adventurous Escapades near Delhi-NCR Region

adventurous escapades

Working professionals, busy housewives and academically pressurized college going students, all of them look forward to their weekends and a huge section of these people crave for a weekend routine, which is totally opposite of their week days. The most obvious solution is an adventurous escapades or a weekend getaway.

Unfortunately, not every city or town has many getaway options in and round their region but there are many weekend getaways from Delhi and NCR region and people looking for a weekend break have tons of choices to pick from. You have some of the finest places in the country to venture into where you can not only enjoy the nature but also participate in many fun and adventure activities.

Many if not all like to have an adventurous weekend every now and then and there are some who are adventure freaks in true sense. For these people there are many adventure parks, water parks and resorts near Delhi and NCR. Some of the best examples are World of Wonders, The Platinum Resort, Adventure Islands, Splash Water Park and much more. These facilities have been made keeping in mind what an adventure seeker would want to do. The variety of rides and adventure activities at these places make sure that you never get bored of what you have come to do, but you keep asking for more.

All these getaways and many more like them are filled with lots of adventure and fun and with one affordable entry ticket you usually get access to all the rides and activities within one amusement or water park. Similarly, there are many resorts that are like conventional lodging facilities but have their own adventurous activities their guests love to participate in.

adventurous escapades

Some of the resorts near Delhi feature small man-made island at the backyard and encourage their guests to take part in trekking where they have to cross rivers or man-made lakes and then reach the islands only to move further to the next ones. These types of activities along with some amazing food and a luxury suite to relax in make resorts around the city an equally likeable choice for a weekend getaway.

If you are a group of college friends then probably water and adventure parks are the best places to take a break as they are not affordable but also offer a lot of variety in terms of adventure and excitement.

If you want to take a break with your family, then probably going for a resort would be a better choice as not everyone in your family might be equally excited about all the activities an adventure resort has to offer. This way, while some of you get to do what you enjoy the most, the others can take part in leisure activities like swimming or playing indoor games, enjoying bonfire etc.

One of the best parts about being in Delhi-NCR region is that the choices are infinite and every single weekend you get a chance to try out something totally new. More and more number of resorts and amusement parks open every year thus storing more choices for your future weekends.

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