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India Unveils ‘Anti-Smog Gun.’

Recently we have seen the effects of Smog in an International Cricket Match and that was the eye opener for the city. India on Wednesday has unveiled a new weapon against the current situation of air pollution. It is called an “anti-smog gun.” It is believed that it will certainly clear the skies according to […]

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Tremors felt in Delhi-NCR as Earthquake of Magnitude 5.5 Shook Uttrakhand

There is nothing scary than experiencing death itself. Earthquakes are exclusively intimidating and scare people. Recently, on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, in Delhi & NCR, people felt tremors. They felt these deadly shocks around 8:45 pm. These shocks have unfurled a wave of terror amidst Delhi citizens. In Uttrakhand, an earthquake of a moderate level […]

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